2014 State Team Selected


In November 2013 the best debaters in South Australia participated in the Senior Debating Workshops, which were held at UniSA. These workshops aim to prepare students for debating in the SADA's senior grades but also form the basis of selection for the South Australian Schools' State Debating Team. The top 9 debaters from these workshops were selected to participate a further trial. The SADA commends the following students for their selection in the final 12:

  • Alexandra Lowe (Seymour College)
  • Britt Mashado (Seymour College)
  • Hamish Litt (St Peter's College)
  • Hamish Richardson (Christian Brothers College)
  • Helena Karapetis (Wilderness School)
  • Monique Pisaniello (Loreto College)
  • Peter Robertson (St Peter's College)
  • Sarah Abell (Seymour College)
  • Tyson Leung (Walford Anglican School for Girls)

After watching the above students take part a number of highly competitive debates, the following seven students were selected on the State Team Squad: 


  • Sarah Abell (Seymour College)
  • Peter Robertson (St Peter's College)
  • Hamish Richardson (Christian Brothers College)
  • Tyson Leung (Walford Anglican School for Girls)


  • Alexandra Lowe (Seymour College)
  • Hamish Litt (St Peter's College)
  • Helena Karapetis (Wilderness School)

The State Team will represent South Australia at the National Schools Debating Championships in Melbourne in May.

We hope that all students enjoyed the Senior Debating Workshops and look forward to following the progress of the State Team over the coming months.

Junior Grand Finals Results


The SADA wishes to congratulate the winners and runners-up of the 2013 UniSA SADA Schools’ Competition.

The Junior and Intermediate Grade Grand Finals were held on Sunday 24 November 2013 at the University of South Australia’s City West Campus.

At the Junior Grade, Seymour College was successful in convincing the panel of adjudicators that companies should be allowed to target their advertisements at children. The panel was split; an indication of the closeness of the debate between Seymour and rival Wilderness School. Congratulations to Elyssa Chan of Seymour for being awarded the Jacobs McEwen Medal for Best Speaker in the Junior Grand Final.

Seymour College was also successful in the Intermediate B Grand Final. In a unanimous decision over Blackfriars Priory School, the adjudicators agreed with Seymour that the government should not pay for childcare.

The Intermediate A Grand Final was on the topic ‘that we should have a quota for women in the Australian Parliament’. In a split decision, the panel of adjudicators awarded the debate to Loreto College over St Peter’s College. The Simon Slade Medal for Best Speaker in the Intermediate A Grand Final was awarded to Jasmin Teurlings of Loreto.

Congratulations to all of the debaters involved in the Junior and Intermediate Grand Finals, and to all participants in the 2013 Competition. Thank you to all of the schools and in particular the teachers, coordinators, coaches and parents, who dedicate countless hours to supporting debating in South Australia.

2014 State Team Trials


Trials for the 2014 South Australian Schools' State Debating Team are being held over November and December in 2013. Any school student who will be in years 10-13 in 2014 is welcome to try out for the team. For more information click here.

Senior Grand Finals Result


The SADA congratulates the winners and runners-up of the 2013 Senior A and B Grade Grand Finals, held on Sunday 8 September.

At Senior B Seymour College students Alexandra Lowe, Britt Mashado and Amy Badenoch, assisted on the day and in earlier finals by Florencia Moraga and Kathleen Farmilo, successfully argued that sporting clubs should be responsible for the misbehaviour of their players. The adjudicators found unanimously for Seymour over St Dominic’s Priory College. Congratulations also to Seymour’s Alexandra Lowe for being awarded the Peter Barry Medal for Best Speaker.

Seymour also triumphed in the Senior A Grand Final over St Peter’s College. Seymour students Zoe Brown, Soraya Pradhan and Sarah Abell, with the help of team member Anna Fitzgerald, convinced the panel of adjudicators that the government should fund private schools. Peter Robertson of St Peter’s College was awarded the Fran Conroy Medal for Best Speaker.

Our congratulations also go to Zoe Brown of Seymour College for receiving the Todd Golding Medal for outstanding commitment to the South Australian Schools’ State Debating Team and performance at the National Schools’ Debating Championships in Canberra in August this year. Both Zoe and fellow student Soraya Pradhan were also selected for the Australian Schools’ Debating Team – a great honour for the students and a testament to their hard work.

Historic Nationals Result


The SADA congratulates the South Australian Schools' State Debating Team on making the Grand Final of the 2013 National Schools' Debating Championships, which were held in Canberra in August. This is the first time that South Australia has made the Grand Final since 1997.

In addition, Zoe Brown and Soraya Pradhan were selected on the Australian Schools' Debating Team, placing them in the top 5 debaters in the country.

The State Team consisted of:

  • Zoe Brown (Captain) (year 12 Seymour College)
  • Tyson Leung (year 11 Walford Anglican School for Girls)
  • Peter Robertson (year 11 St Peter's College)
  • Soraya Pradhan (year 12 Seymour College)
  • Sarah Abell (Reserve) (year 11 Seymour College)
  • Hamish Richardson (Reserve) (year 11 Christian Brothers College)

The team was coached by Lloyd Wicks and accompanied by Gen Lewis and Alyssa Pradhan, who adjudicated at the tournament.

This result is a testament to the strength of the SADA's debating programs and the talent and dedication of the students on the team.

The 2014 Nationals will be held in Melbourne in May. All secondary students in South Australia in year 9 and above are eligible to try out for the State Team. Information about trying out for the 2014 State Team will be published on closer in the coming months.

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