2013 State Team Selected


Over 30 of the best debaters in South Australia participated in the Senior Debating Workshops, which were held during March. These workshops aim to prepare students for debating in the SADA's senior grades but also form the basis of selection for the South Australian Schools' State Debating Team. The top 12 debaters from these workshops are selected to participate in further trials. The SADA commends the following students for their selection in the final 12:

  • Britt Mashado (Seymour College)
  • Esther Jones (Walford Anglican School for Girls)
  • Hamish Richardson (Christian Brothers College)
  • Hannah Short (Scotch College)
  • Helena Karapetis (Wilderness School)
  • Monique Pisaniello (Loreto College)
  • Peter Robertson (St Peter's College)
  • Sarah Abell (Seymour College)
  • Soraya Pradhan (Seymour College)
  • Sree Huku Mathi Rao (St Peter's College)
  • Tyson Leung (Walford Anglican School for Girls)
  • Zoe Brown (Seymour College)

After watching the above students take part a number of highly competitive debates, the following six students were selected on the State Team Squad. After a month of further training, the positions within the squad have been finalised as follows: 


  • Zoe Brown (Captain) (Seymour College)
  • Peter Robertson (St Peter's College)
  • Soraya Pradhan (Seymour College)
  • Tyson Leung (Walford Anglican School for Girls)


  • Sarah Abell (Seymour College)
  • Hamish Richardson (Christian Brothers College)

These students will now undertake intensive training in the lead up to the 2013 National Schools' Debating Championships, which will be held in Canberra in August.

We hope that all students enjoyed the Senior Debating Workshops and look forward to following the progress of the State Team over the coming months.

SADA Patron: the Chief Justice of South Australia


We are delighted to announce that Chief Justice Kourakis of the Supreme Court of South Australia has accepted our invitation to become the SADA's Patron.

His Honour's acceptance of the position of Patron affirms the strong ties between debating and legal practice. Many members of the South Australian legal profession, including the judiciary, speak fondly of their experiences of debating at school, university and, of course, in the court room. They also recognise the valuable contribution the skills they developed as debaters have made to their careers as barristers or solicitors. The SADA is fortunate to be able to count a number of distinguished members of the legal profession among its alumni and adjudicator pool.

We look forward to working with the Chief Justice and to hearing him speak at some of our events over the course of the year.

World Champions


The SADA congratulates the Australian Schools' Debating Team on winning the 2013 World Schools' Debating Championships, held in Antalya, Turkey. The team defeated Swaziland in the Grand Final, successfully arguing that Turkey would be better off outside of the European Union.

The SADA also congratulates Bo Seo (NSW), Zoe Brown (SA) and Tyronne Connell (Vic), who ranked as the 1st, 6th and 10th best speakers at the tournament, respectively. The SADA is particularly proud of Zoe's achievement, given that she has only just finished year 11 and is a product of the UniSA SADA Schools' Competition. Zoe was part of the South Australian Schools' State Debating Team that finished 4th at the 2012 National Schools' Debating Championships, which were held in Hobart.

Zoe's participation at the World Championships was made possible by her selection on the South Australian Schools' State Debating Team, which is coached by the SADA. Trials for the 2013 team take place in March. Interested students should visit for more information and to register their interest in attending the trials.

For more information about the World Schools' Debating Championships, please visit:

Junior Grand Finals


The SADA Grand Finals for the Junior, Intermediate B and Intermediate A Grades took place on Sunday 4 November. At the Junior level, Wilderness was successful in convincing the panel of adjudicators that the government should fund private schools. It was a narrow win over St Peter's Girls, with the panel splitting 3-2. Joyce Fang of Wilderness was awarded the inaugural Jacobs McEwen Medal for best speaker.

In the Intermediate B Final, Seymour was triumphant over Wilderness, arguing that Lance Armstrong should be condemned, both for his use of performance-enhancing drugs and his behaviour over the last 20 years. In this decision the panel was unanimous but all by close margins.

Loreto was the winning team at the Intermediate A level. In another 3-2 split decision, the majority of the panel was convinced by Loreto that we do not do enough to promote animal welfare. Two members of the panel instead believed Seymour's argument that there has been significant progress over the last few decades. The Simon Slade Medal for best speaker was awarded to Monique Pisaniello.

Senior Grand Finals Result


The SADA wishes to congratulate the winners of the Senior Grand Finals, which took place on Sunday 26 August.

In Senior B, Seymour girls Lucy Duldig, Gen Stanley and Sarah Abell, with the help of Anna Fitzgerald and Samantha Batt, successfully argued that Indigenous Australians are still second class citizens against St Peter's College. They secured a unanimous victory, with Sarah Abell being awarded the Peter Barry Medal for Best Speaker. 

Seymour was also successful over Walford in Senior A. Zoe Brown, Soraya Pradhan and Annabel Comerford, supported by Lucy Thomas and Suzannah Hewson, convinced the adjudicators that the media is not irresponsible. Soraya was given the Fran Conroy Medal for Best Speaker.

Zoe Brown, Seymour, was also awarded the Todd Golding Medal for outstanding commitment to the South Australian State Team and performance at the National Schools' Debating Championships in Tasmania at the start of August. 



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