SADA Adjudicators

An adjudicator’s role is to impartially adjudicate the debate and apply the rules of debating. Adjudicators should put themselves in the position of the “average reasonable person” when assessing the persuasiveness of arguments.

All SADA adjudicators undertake a rigorous accreditation process, which includes a written test and being peer reviewed by senior adjudicators, prior to being allowed to adjudicate with the SADA. In a testament to the high quality of the SADA's adjudicator training and accrediation process, a number of SADA adjudicators have passed the even more demanding National Adjudicator Accreditation test, which is administered independently by the Australian Debating Federation.

Like debaters, adjudicators improve with experience and coaching. Accordingly, each year the SADA runs a refresher course on adjudicating for all adjudicators and the SADA's senior adjudicators peer review adjudicators throughout the year to provide advice and identify areas which could benefit from improvement. To ensure the integrity of our adjudicator pool, school students and teachers are not allowed to adjudicate.

Adjudicator Masterclass

5 April 2017 at 7.00PM

Venue: lecture theature HH5-08, Hans Heysen Building, University of South Australia City West campus (map).

The SADA is committed to maintaining an adjudicator pool of the highest standard. To that end, the SADA runs a workshop for all adjudicators each year featuring presentations from senior adjudicators. The content of the workshop changes each year as the Vice President consults with senior adjudicators on issues arising from the regular peer reviewing of adjudicators throughout the previous season, but typically covers any new rule changes, new debating styles and techniques, and a refresher of important basis principles.