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Team entries for the 2019 SADA Schools' Competition are now open. 


This competition is for students in years 5 to 7. Speeches are short and topics appropriate for younger students. This competition is a great way to get students involved in debating from a young age.

Intermediate B

This grade is for beginner debaters in years 8 and 9 who have not had the benefit of debating in primary school or who struggle with oral communication. This grade is for:

  • year 8s who have not debated before, or who are not confident debaters; and
  • year 9s who have not debated before, or who are not confident debaters.

Intermediate A

This grade is for confident year eights and nines and novice year tens who have are familiar with the basics and are ready to take on new skills in debating. This grade features the introduction of points of information and secret and current events topics. This grade is for:

  • experienced year 8s who have debated with a degree of success in the Junior Grade or IPSHA Competition;
  • year 9s who have a year or more debating experience; and
  • year 10s who have not previously debated in the Intermediate A or higher.

Senior B

This grade is open to all students in years ten and above. This grade is useful for older students who did not debating in Intermediate A grade or who struggle with debating. This grade is for:

  • year 10s with experience in the Intermediate A competition;
  • year 11s who have had some experience but would not be confident debating against average year 12s; and
  • novice year 12s who lack either experience or confidence.

Senior A

This grade is for accomplished debaters in years ten and above who wish to debate an advanced level. This is the highest level of school debating in South Australia. This grade is for:

  • accomplished year 10s who have enjoyed considerable success in junior competitions and are confident and enthusiastic;
  • confident and experienced year 11s; and
  • year 12s who have debated for a few years.

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