Senior Debating Workshops / State Team Trials

The Senior Debating Workshops are for students in Years 8 to 12. The workshops are designed to teach students the skills necessary to debate in the higher-level SADA divisions. These workshops last for three hours and take the format of a lecture on a particular aspect of high level debating (eg. case-building, manner, matter, etc) from the state’s best debaters and adjudicators, followed by an opportunity to practice their new-found skills in a secret topic debate and receive specialist, expert feedback.

Performance at these workshops forms the basis of selection on the South Australian Schools' State Debating Team. However, all debaters are welcome to attend and develop their skills, even if they are not considering trying out for the State Team. Each workshop will cover different content so students are encouraged to attend all three.

The Workshops are typically held in October and November.

For more information about the State Debating Team, please click here.

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